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- Welcomes members new to the sport or training/exercising in general. This is a great class to learn technique as well as becoming comfortable with training without a rigorous pace or competing against other members of our club.

– Focuses on members that are familiar with the fundamentals and basic techniques of the sport and that would like to participate in mild sparring.

– Focuses primarily on members that compete in this sport and require a very high level of technique and intensity while they train. This class emphasizes on very rigorous and advanced sparring sessions.

All of our classes are taught and supervised by world-class instructors. Safety gear and clothing requirements vary by class.

Our youngest members will learn valuable mental and physical skills in a fun and safe environment designed to foster confidence, focus, self-discipline and respect. Students will learn the basics of Mixed Martial Arts such as punches, kicks, movement, groundwork and basic submissions through dynamic drills and games in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Kids will benefit from practicing life-long skill sets, learning practical self defense, achieving goals and exercising in a structured, guided class.

Kids Kick Boxing:
Our Kids Kick Boxing program is a great way for kids to build strength, coordination, power and balance in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Kids will learn the fundamentals including movement, footwork, punches, kicks, self-defense and combinations through safe, and structured non-contact drills which help build confidence. A strong emphasis is placed on self-control and mutual respect within the class which translates into all areas of life including at home and in the classroom. Level ll class allows kids to participate in sparring, focusing on specific techniques in a controlled and directed environment. Sparring gear required for Level ll class.

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (No Gi):
In our junior wrestling class kids will learn the fundamentals of groundwork including submissions, positioning, control, defense, movement and transitions in a safe and structured manner. Utilizing drills and games to teach basic ground skill sets and techniques, there is also a strong emphasis on building responsible, confident young adults. Self-control, perseverance, and respect are just a few of the life-long skills that carry over into life outside of class. Level ll classes allow kids to work new skills in a  more dynamic environment in fun, directed grappling sessions aimed at working specific movements and scenarios. No Gi required.

Brave LEGION - Women's combat ConditioningWomens Combat Conditioning:
Kick Boxing fitness has been proven to be one of the best total body workouts. Combining aerobic exercises with conditioning drills, you’ll build strong, toned muscles, strengthen bones, improve balance and coordination, and learn how to defend yourself using kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. Our womens-only class is safe, effective, fun and geared to all levels of fitness, ability and age. Get in fit-to-fight shape without ever taking a punch and learn an empowering skill set in the process. Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.

Kick Boxing:
Refers to a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate, Muay Thai and western boxing. Kick Boxing is often practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

-Brave LEGION  -- Submission WrestlingMMA:
Learn to be the most dynamic fighter in the world by training in our MMA program. You will be trained to stand up and strike, take your opponents to the ground and submit them or continue striking from the ground. You will be able to control where the fight takes place and dictate the method that you will use to be the victor in competition or any self-defense situation. This program will boost your confidence through the roof and give you a lean, muscular physique while increasing your speed, power, and flexibility. Remember NO EGOS or EXCUSES ALLOWED.



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